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We live in a new era where identity has changed. It’s fractured. Identity is no longer solely issued by our governments in the form of a birth certificate, driver's license, passport or tax ID.  Instead, every person creates their own online identities to interact with others and gain access to their digital world. Each one of us now has dozens, even hundreds of identities, so it’s impossible to easily verify the real person behind an online identity.  Compounding the challenge, constant data breaches feed the explosion of identity crime by letting any fraudster abuse the personal data found in a typical credit file. 

Today we are in a state where no one can trust an online identity and no organization can protect our identities from being exposed.  Forrester Research warns us that “without reliable identity verification, trust erodes and everyone suffers.”*  We call this current state of the world The Global Identity Crisis.

Pipl exists to solve the global identity crisis.
Our modern lives need reliable identity information to let us safely conduct business and engage in society.  Pipl is working to build a future where everyone can safely participate in our global society with trusted identity information that is protected from abuse and controlled by the individual.
"Without reliable identity, trust erodes and everyone suffers."
*Forrester Research: Top Trends Shaping Identity Verification (IDV)
Join us to create a world where identities are real and trustworthy people are trusted.
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