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Identity Verification & Fraud Prevention
Pipl identity verification delivers more customers with less risk
Pipl’s identity resolution engine cross-references public data from the Internet, records, listings, directories, archives and exclusive sources for real time identity verification and effective manual review processes.
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The Identity Verification Challenge
Your customers expect a friendly, frictionless, and instantly gratifying experience. You have to be able to separate fact from fiction and friend from fraudster—both in real time and using manual review.

Pipl offers uniquely powerful identity data and verification tools so you can confidently approve, deny or escalate transactions. That’s why Pipl is the first choice whenever the world's top ecommerce and financial services companies must confirm that a person is who they claim to be.


Ecommerce Fraud Prevention
Confidently confirm the person making the purchase is who they say they are by verifying as many - or few - data points as needed to boost your ROI.
New Account Opening
Pipl’s deep identity profiles help you accept “thin file” applicants while detecting growing schemes like synthetic identities so you stop fraudsters from establishing, then nurturing, fake profiles and accounts.
Account Takeover Prevention
Pipl’s unmatched depth and breadth of identity data lets you combat the unprecedented availability of breached credentials and hijacked mobile phones with superior identity testing.
Knowledge-Based Authentication
Use deep identity profiles to form new questions and the verify answers you need before granting access to your key systems.
Age Verification
Pipl cross-references age data reported across thousands of public sites and databases to help you keep adult offerings away from underage children.
Loan Due Diligence
Sanity check self-reported income and work history with details of an applicant’s past jobs, skills, addresses and auto ownership to ensure it all makes sense.


Better Identity Verification Start Here
Learn how companies use Pipl to solve The Global Identity Crisis
Signifyd is the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection for ecommerce businesses. Over 10,000 online stores in 100 countries depend on Signifyd for complete protection against chargebacks on every approved order.

Signifyd’s success is built on a combination of its proprietary machine learning technology and human expertise.

The machine learning algorithms evaluate transactions for risk. High risk transactions are escalated to Signifyd’s team of fraud analysts for manual review using Pipl Search. The company uses a multitiered decision system, with each tier using ROI and performance measures to evaluate the next steps in the review process.

Case Study: How Signifyd Stays Ahead of Fraudsters
OpenTable’s gift card business has grown rapidly.  But the popularity comes with a catch as gift cards have one of the highest fraud rates of any product category. Gift cards are a prime target for online thieves because these cards are simple to buy, are easily converted to cash and difficult to trace. Fraudsters deploy multiple techniques to steal from merchants including purchase and resell, account takeover (ATO) and card testing.

OpenTable’s manual review team relies on Pipl Search to combat bad actors without alienating their loyal customers to achieve a 40% reduction in manual review time and a 90% reduction in verification call volume.

Case Study: OpenTable Fights eGift Card Fraud
Payment fraud is a key challenge for online travel agencies (OTAs) like Priceline.  Nearly all the product lines combine high transaction volumes with large purchase prices serving global audiences, including bookings for airfare, hotel, car rentals and vacation packages. 

Because OTAs are at high risk of transaction fraud they are deploying a host of countermeasures using Pipl to help power new identity verification platforms, Know Your Customer (KYC) data models, and behavioral pattern analysis to minimize fraud while keeping the customer experience as friction-free as possible.

Blog Post: Flying Without Fraud In The Air
Webinar: Fighting Fraud in Travel: Insights From Priceline
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