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Pipl Connects the Dots to Solve Cases Faster

Pipl’s identity resolution engine cross-references global data from the Internet, public records, listings, directories, archives and exclusive sources to show the connections between people and the world.
See how investigative professionals use Pipl SEARCH! Watch this 3:16 minute clip.
The Investigations Challenge
Cases can quickly grow cold. And threats posed by criminals and organizations can be sophisticated with far-reaching consequences. It’s critical that investigators cut the time spent developing new leads, filling information gaps, unmasking tipsters and finding known associates.

Pipl lets you follow hunches and speeds your investigation tasks. It quickly exposes new directions that would take days or weeks to discover using legacy tools and sources. That’s why Pipl’s investigative tools are used every day by the leading financial institutions, government agencies and media companies in the world. 


Insurance Claims Fraud
Whether completely fabricated, or legitimate but inflated, claims investigators can dig into identity details and the facts connecting people to each other and to the real world to uncover a wide range of scams.
Law Enforcement & Cybercrime
Sometimes there’s just not much information to work with. A first name. A social media handle.  An email alias. But with as little as a single data point, Pipl Search can return a complete identity profile that expands your leads and connects the dots needed to help solve even the toughest cases.
Media Investigations
Pipl Search is the new must-have investigative tool for journalists who are fulfilling the duty of a free press, put so well by The Times (London) in 1852 as “to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time, and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation.”
Debt Recovery
Pipl Search shortens the collection cycle. Quickly identify debtor locations, associates and potential assets, plus their historical and current contact information, all while staying compliant with regulations on the use of public identity data.
Government Agencies
Only Pipl’s public data sources are truly vast and global, so we help security professionals combat a wide range of local and cross-border crimes including identity theft, money laundering, passport and benefit fraud, gang activity and smuggling / trafficking.


Better Investigations Start Here
Learn how companies use Pipl to solve The Global Identity Crisis
Pipl’s recent Next Gen Data Journalism webinar featured Margot Williams, a member of two Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning teams. Margot walks through the backgrounding techniques and solutions she used when breaking a high-profile story regarding alleged domestic terrorist, Michael Hari. We invite you to enjoy the on-demand version of this informative and engaging webinar.

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