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Imagine the power of over 3 billion trusted identity profiles at work in your application

Pipl Data API lets you easily integrate identity information into your real-time application with our REST API, client libraries and code samples for the most popular languages:
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Automated Identity Verification
Our digital world runs on trusting who is behind an online identity. But the very concept of identity has fractured into hundreds of data points that fraudsters constantly seek to exploit. That’s why Pipl is the first choice whenever companies must confirm if a person is who they claim to be.

The Pipl Data API helps companies automatically verify identities across their decision platforms.  And there’s a reason Pipl powers the world’s top e-commerce, financial and compliance-sensitive businesses. These global providers know from testing that Pipl’s unmatched breadth and depth of public identity information lowers risk, lifts their approval rates and cuts their losses to fraud and chargebacks. All while giving their customers a friendly, frictionless, and instantly gratifying experience.

eCommerce Fraud Prevention | New Account Opening | Age Verification | Account Takeover Prevention | Knowledge-Based Authentication
Investigation Support Systems
Law enforcement investigators, special agents and analysts are on the front lines in combating criminals trying to exploit society’s financial, trade, travel and immigration systems. Threats posed by local and cross-border crime are sophisticated and have far-reaching consequences. Investigators can rely on tech-savvy partners like Pipl to help gain the upper hand.

Pipl can uniquely return complete identity profiles from just a single piece of data. Our number of public data sources is truly vast and global, so we help you uncover leads regardless of where your search takes you. Pipl lets you follow hunches and quickly discover connections between people, their aliases, affiliations and social media sites. So while the threats remain daunting, Pipl helps security professionals carry out their mission of enhancing security at local, national and international levels.

Identity Theft | Cybercrime | Money Laundering | Immigration, Passport and Benefit Fraud | Import/Export Enforcement | Gang Activity | Smuggling/Trafficking | Human Rights Violations
SearchAPIRequest req = new SearchAPIRequest(email:"clark.kent@example.com");

SearchAPIResponse resp = await req.SendAsync();
Console.Out.WriteLine(resp.Image.GetThumbnailUrl(200, 100, true, true));

var jobs = resp.Person.Jobs.Select(j => j.ToString());
Console.Out.WriteLine(String.Join(", ", jobs));

var relationships = resp.Person.Relationships.Select(r => r.Names[0]);
Console.Out.WriteLine(String.Join(", ", relationships));

SearchAPIRequest req = new SearchAPIRequest.Builder().email("clark.kent@example.com").build();

SearchAPIResponse resp = req.send();
System.out.println(resp.image().getThumbnailUrl(200, 100, true, true));
for (Job job : resp.getPerson().getJobs()) {
System.out.print(", ");
for (Relationship relationship : resp.getPerson().getRelationships()) {
System.out.print(", ");
request = search.SearchAPIRequest(email=u"clark.kent@example.com")
response = request.send()

print(response.image.get_thumbnail_url(200, 100, zoom_face=True, favicon=False))
print(", ".join(map(str, response.person.jobs)))
print(", ".join(map(str, response.person.relationships)))
$request = new PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest(array('email' => 'clark.kent@example.com'));
$response = $request->send();

print $response->image()->get_thumbnail_url(200, 100, true, false);
print $response->name();
print $response->education();
print $response->username();
print $response->address();
print join(", ", $response->person->jobs);
print join(", ", $response->person->relationships);
response = Pipl::client.search email: 'clark.kent@example.com'

puts response.image.thumbnail_url width: 200, height: 100, favicon: true, zoom_face: true
puts response.name
puts response.education
puts response.username
puts response.address
puts response.person.jobs.map(&:to_s).join(', ')
puts response.person.relationships.map {|r| r.names.first}.join(', ')
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