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Find the Real Person Behind the Online Identity

Pipl SEARCH is the people search application used by top investigators and fraud analysts who need rich, current and historical identity information

Over 3 Billion Trusted Identities

Unmatched Global Coverage

Ethically and Legally Sourced

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Pipl delivers trusted identity profiles from our one-of-a-kind identity resolution engine
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Ecommerce Manual Review
Tick, tick, tick… When transactions get escalated your review team is on the clock. Pipl Search quickly shows you how the purchase data submitted by your buyers is connected - or lets you see that no relationship exists - so your team can approve or deny global transactions with confidence.
Insurance Fraud
Whether a claim is completely fabricated, or is legitimate but inflated to make a profit, Pipl Search helps claims investigators dig into the facts connecting people to each other and to the real world so you can uncover the wide range of scams that fraudsters use every day.
Law Enforcement and Cybercrime
Sometimes there’s just not much information to work with. A first name. A social media handle.  An email alias. But with as little as a single data point, Pipl Search can return a complete identity profile that expands your leads and connects the dots needed to help solve even the toughest cases.
Investigative Journalism
Pipl’s identity profiles shorten the work of backgrounding and verifying sources to ensure your stories are accurate, fact-based and on deadline. Unique coverage of a subject’s email and social handles helps you verify what you suspect to be true, and uncover new information that would have been missed.
Debt Recovery
Debt recovery teams rely on Pipl Search to shorten the collection cycle. Pipl Search shows debtor locations, associates, potential assets, plus their historical and current contact information, all while staying compliant with regulations on the use of public identity data.


Intuitive & Flexible Search 
Enter a single data point, paste an entire address or open Advanced Search and pinpoint the identity profile you need. Most data is hyperlinked to make reverse lookup easy. 
Complete Identity Profiles
Pipl’s identity resolution engine accurately clusters a vast array of hard-to-connect identity information not found by standard research tools.
Highest International Match Rates
Our data acquisition technologies and strategies deliver unmatched global coverage and robust identity profiles unavailable to search engines or expensive, legacy research tools.
Ethically & Legally Sourced
Know your identity vendor! Pipl pursues the highest standards of where our public data comes from and who we allow to access our systems.
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Logical Profile Layout
Important facts are front and center. Quickly dig into details all on one page or use shortcuts to jump to social media accounts and web links in a new tab.
Places & Map Views
See home and work addresses, plus carrier locations in street, satellite and roadmap views.
Sources & Metadata on Every Field
Drill into any field to know where this data came from, when it was first/last seen and explore links to relevant facts.
Reporting & Analytics
View detailed reports on usage, users and match rates.
Trusted Supplier to Top Businesses and Agencies
Check out the Pipl Privacy Center to learn more about our policies on security, privacy, compliance and more.
Pipl is the most comprehensive tool we’ve found.
Pipl is all about relevant and meaningful information.
The best people search engine.
New Pipl API pulls a staggering amount of people data into your apps.
Just take it out for a spin and you’ll see why – it’s just good.
The most comprehensive information for free photos, profession, employer, city, state, phone numbers and age.
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