My Information & Privacy

Who is Pipl?

Pipl is a provider of identity solutions. We aim to provide the best identity information to organizations in order to ensure that trustworthy people can be trusted.

What about my privacy?

Understanding the potential sensitivity of identity data makes privacy a very important issue for us, we invite you to visit our privacy center for more information.

How did Pipl obtain my personal information?

Pipl operates as an identity resolution engine, we find multiple pieces of personal information that are already publicly available and make them available to our customers. Please click here to learn more about our data collection practices.

Can I remove my information?

Yes, if you prefer that a certain information will not be included in our services, please submit a request in this opt-out form.

What happens when I request to remove my information?

We may ask you to confirm your identity before removing your information and once your request to remove information is processed, the information will no longer be available to our customers in any of our services.

Please note that since Pipl is used by most of the largest e-commerce organizations as a means for identity verification, removing your information from Pipl may result in additional identity confirmation requirements when you shop online or at any other time you are asked to confirm your identity online.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, even information you asked to remove from Pipl services may still be provided for certain purposes such as crime investigation and law enforcement.

How accurate is the information?

Pipl does not verify the accuracy of the facts or the relevance of the information in each result; we merely cite publicly available information as interpreted by our robot. Since no algorithm is perfect, some interpretation or processing errors are possible; we'll be happy to receive your feedback and will try to improve our system accordingly.

Some information about me is wrong - can I fix it?

Unfortunately not, but you may remove it by submitting a request in this opt-out form.


If you have any additional questions or comments please contact us using this form.